The living room experience

An exclusive experience for those who desire something EXTRA SPECIAL.



An intimate wonderland for only you and your closest friends and family.

I am proud to bring you The Living Room Experience.

My most personal and intimate offering.

Strictly limited to up to 10 people.

Your home is your castle.

Your sacred space.

The centre of your living room becomes the domain of the miraculous.

Beautiful moments of wonder, magic and high vibration resonate in the sacred space of your home, as you revel and celebrate in these moments, sharing them with the people you love the most.

Imagine the scene:

A date is set.

You invite a small number of your closest friends and family to come over.

There are wonderful surprises in store.

You prepare some cool drinks and delicious canap├ęs for your guests to enjoy as they arrive.

A feeling of excitement pervades the air.

You make an announcement. Everyone gathers in the living room.

No one knows exactly what will happen.

But there's a energy of mystery.

A beautiful anticipation.

The sublime sensation of the unknown.

What then takes place will leave everyone in the room entranced, mesmerised and saturated with good feelings.

This unique offering can be for 4 people, 6 people, 7 people... but no more than 10.

It's perfect for a birthday celebration, an intimate anniversary, a dinner party, or simply a reason to gather together the people who are most special in your life, and have an evening you'll never forget!

My Living Room Experience is a divine extravaganza of magical wonders for you and your chosen guests.

An evening that will take your breath away.

You also have the option to go even further with my Diamond Deluxe version of The Living Room Experience, which incorporates magical experiences that are highly personalized. Each show is tailored and customised specifically to you, your family members and friends. I will spend extra time preparing this show. This carries a higher premium, and makes the experience even more invigorating.

To book Julian James to bring The Living Room Experience into your home, or to enquire further about this very exclusive offering, click here.

I'm thrilled and exhilarated to bring this to you.

My most exceptional offering awaits you.



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