AMAZING Private Parties

You can either host a private party that is 'average' and 'forgettable', or you can give your guests an experience that they'll be talking about for years to come – an experience that will leave them  inspired, captivated and astonished!

Julian James – Extreme Mind Magician of the Inner Magic Circle – makes private parties totally unforgettable. That's exactly what he does!

Julian walks into a room – whether it be a cocktail party, a surprise birthday, a private dinner or any other function – and causes an absolute sensation!

He is asked to be a 'special guest' at countless private parties each and every year because people realise the sheer impact Julian creates, wherever he appears.


Laughter and gasps of amazement are heard from every corner of the room, people who don't know each other are seamlessly brought together and moments of unbelievable magic take place right before your very eyes, as Julian 'works the room' and mingles with your guests!

Look forward to a rich array of dynamic close-up magic and Mind Magic as miraculous transformations, feats of psychic coincidence and dazzling happenings are combined into a breathtaking interactive journey of delight and wonder.

From anniversaries to weddings to receptions and a full list of other gatherings and celebrations Julian specialises in creating a unique format of entertainment that is just right for the occasion, turning it into an experience people never forget.


What's more, Julian can also prepare some special presentations – some added 'moments of astonishment' – for your party as well. For example, if you're planning on proposing to your fiancé, Julian can cause the ring to magically appear, right before you make your announcement –  just imagine that!

Or perhaps you'd like to give a friend or relative a birthday present in a 'magical way'. Julian will create a powerful moment that will allow you to present your gift in a way that causes a delightful response from everybody.


If the circumstances are right, Julian can also gather your guests to the front of the room and perform a formal cabaret or parlour show.

This type of presentation incorporates all the elements of a live theatre show –  audience participation, breathtaking magic and moment after moment of sheer astonishment.

The type of show is the perfect way to bring the evening to a successful conclusion and even make some special announcements as well. There's nothing quite like this kind of formal entertainment, where all of your guests are seated together and you enjoy the feeling of everyone being part of the experience.

There are so many possibilities, and Julian will discuss with you what will be a perfect fit for the party you're planning so that it has the biggest impact for everyone.

Click here to make contact and lean more about how Julian can turn your private party into a sensational success!



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