What exactly is 'Mind Magic', and how is this different from more traditional magical entertainment?

Julian James' Mind Magic is a fascinating and engaging form of performance art which involves the thoughts and feelings of others to create miraculous moments of the sensational kind! These are the kinds of experiences that people remember for a very long time and talk about with their friends and families. Quite simply, it's astonishing!

What's special about Julian is that he combines his Mind Magic with mesmerising contemporary close-up magic to showcase the very best of both. This means that your guests will have the luxury of experiencing a interactive show which has amazing variety and is sure to hold attention and make a huge impact!

What types of events does Julian perform at?

Julian is a very experienced and versatile entertainer with an extremely high level of professionalism. As a result, he can tailor his performances to fit almost any event.

What performing requirements does Julian James have?

If you book Julian to perform his close-up mind magic in a reception or banquet setting, for example, no requirements are necessary at all. As long as there are people present, Julian will create a sensation in the room without any set-up or staging whatsoever. He will 'mix and mingle' with your guests in a way that generates a truly magical and compelling atmosphere.

The only consideration for Julian's close-up mind magic is a suitable level of background noise. Since this form of entertainment is based upon the communication between guests, he is unable to perform in this setting if loud music is playing. Julian does not and will not compete against the loud volume of live bands or speaker systems. Background music set to a low level is perfectly acceptable. Please consider this carefully when booking Julian for your event.

For stage shows, such as award ceremonies and large-scale product launches, an amplification system with a wireless microphone is required, in addition to a raised platform and adequate lighting. These considerations with be discussed with you in much further detail once you've provided more specific information about the event you are holding.

What areas does Julian perform in?

Julian James is based in London and travels worldwide. Julian has appeared at a host of events and celebrations from Birmingham to Bahrain. Depending on the specific location of your function, additional travel expenses may apply. If you are hosting an overseas event, travel and accommodation costs will be applicable.

When you want to make a real impact, you only have one chance. Take great care in making the right choice of entertainer. There is no substitute for experience. Discover the difference that Julian's exclusive entertainment brings to a host of private parties and corporate events.

How much does it cost to book Julian James?

Julian's performance fees are based on a variety of factors such as the location of your event, the type of entertainment format you require and the number of guests/clients present. An accurate quotation can only be given once the specific details of your function have been provided.

In some cases you will be given a number of entertainment packages to choose from, which will be set at different price points.

Customised shows, such as product launches, require Julian to script his presentation to specifically address the features of the product or service being showcased. This requires a creative/developmental process that takes place usually several weeks before the day of the event. In such circumstances, an additional fee my be applicable.

To make an enquiry, and to receive an accurate quotation, use the booking form to submit your information.

We have had cheaper quotes from other entertainers. Why is this?

Well of course you have! There's no surprise there. There are lots and lots of 'performers' offering low fees for their services. But there are far fewer who are truly exceptional at what they do. Most of the performers offering low rates are not professional entertainers. Most of these individuals work another job and perform only as a hobby. And it shows. A low fee usually indicates a low level of professionalism, and a low level of experience.

If you were to visit a specialist orthopaedic consultant, for example, you'd expect to pay the consultant a professional fee because you would be consulting with someone who is highly trained in a very specialised area of expertise.

In the same way, Julian James provides a very unique service. He has dedicated his life to honing the special skills that allow him to provide an experience that is not only absolutely professional, but one that makes a powerful and lasting impression every single time.

Trying to cut corners on professionalism will only be detrimental to the success of your event, and may reflect poorly on you as the decision maker.

Everything sounds great! How do I book Julian for my event?

To book Julian James to make your event a great success, call the free phone number now on 07957 960 350. Alternatively, use the contact form to submit the details of your event, and you will be contacted as soon as possible. Your function will be discussed in great depth, and the best option(s) will be suggested to you.

Once you've made a decision, a confirmation form will be sent out to you to sign and return. A non-refundable deposit will be required to secure the date, and the balance of the performance fee will be due the day before the event. Payment is via BACS transfer. Invoices, for both the deposit and the balance, will be emailed to you.

If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) here, please use the contact form and your question(s) will be answered as soon as possible.


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