Captivating audiences worldwide, Julian James Extreme Mind Magician of London's prestigious Magic Circle continues to receive glowing acclaim from the media and from those who experience his interactive live performances.

He is renowned for creating sensational magical experiences unlike anyone else!

Julian has been astonishing audiences for over 25 years and is a man with a fascinating background and staggering wealth of performing experience.

Travelling to many countries, and appearing at some of the most exclusive functions and celebrations, Julian James is called upon by those who want to create a very special atmosphere at their event, because they know that he delivers every single time!

When Julian Enters A Room, Astonishment Is Guaranteed!

When Julian James walks into a room, the atmosphere lights up! There's energy and excitement! There's a real buzz! And that's one of the 'special ingredients' that lies deep at the heart of what makes Julian an instant sensation at almost any event you can imagine.

He turns ordinary gatherings into fun-filled, interactive, fascinating live experiences. Laughter is heard from every corner of the room, people who don't know each other are seamlessly brought together and moments of unbelievable magic take place right before your very eyes!

Whether you're organising a reception, a private party, a hospitality event, a banquet, a corporate function, a product launch, an awards ceremony or any other type of event Julian will tailor his entertainment programme to be a perfect fit. What's certain is that your occasion will be dynamically brought to life, and bound to remain in the memories of yours guests for a very long time.

The power of what Julian does is such that you will not only encounter feelings of fascination, amazement and intrigue, you will been taken on a staggering journey to the edge of your conceptual reality and drop head-first into magnificent compelling worlds of chaotic wonder and enchanting perplexity, deepening your capacity to experience profound states of astonishment.

Julian Will Make Your Event An Unforgettable Success!

As a long-standing member of the prestigious Magic Circle, Julian James frequently represents The Centre for the Magic Arts at its London headquarters and is privileged to work in association with a impressive host of prominent international corporations including Sony, Giorgio Armani, Lotus, Citroen and Mercedes Benz. His West End theatre show pulls in excited crowds time and time again.

Julian is different to most other 'mystery entertainers'. What he offers is something rare and distinctive; he is booked by those who want to experience something special.

Rest assured, in the company of this gentleman and through the exquisiteness of his artful delivery you will be delighted, charmed and inspired by the professional and charismatic personality that graces your eyes.

Spellbinding surprises await you!

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